• 2014 Elev8XCM results – Complete breakdown


    The 2014 Elev8XCM has been run and won.

    In stunning weather conditions and what can only be described as perfect track conditions the 201 competitors saw the race run on a 11.1km lap incorporating some of the established trails along with the brand new “Ewe Beauty” [or exit trail] that I am certain all riders loved.

    If you weren’t there this year, mark it on the calendar for next year as a “must do” when the race returns for what is expected to be a bigger and better event.

    A couple of bits of trivia before the results:

    – 991 laps were completed, at 11.1 km that equals 11,001 km in total [I have a hunch that will have bedded in the new trail : )]

    The hot lap winners were:

    – Jeff Rubach, Men

    – Anita Nakula, Women

    – Oliver Phillips, Juniors

    We had 4 riders from South Australia and the “Eh team” a Father and Daughter team all the way from Canada.

    And now the final comprehensive results

    Category results

    Team rider lap times

    Male lap times in order

    Female lap times in order

    The calm before the stormThe calm before the storm

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