The Club

TCS is an incorporated club operating through the state’s peak road cycling and mountain bike organisations, Cycling Queensland (CQ) and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and is also registered with Bicycle Queensland (BQ) as a Bicycle User Group (BUG). This provides members with insurance benefits for both recreational and competitive cycling activities and enables us to fill a cycling advocacy role. We have approximately 100 members. TCS meetings are held on the third Thursday night of each month, 7pm at the club house, Room 22 The Old Atherton State School, Mabel Street, Atherton. Of our 100 members approximately 70% ride for fitness, recreation and social interaction with the remaining 30% engaged in competition.

Activities and Benefits

We currently offer club road rides most Sunday mornings commencing at 7:00am. These rides are usually graded into 3 or 4 groups with riders able to select a distance most suited to their current level of fitness. Distances for these groups range from 15 to 45 kilometres. There are also training rides for adults leaving from the pool each morning of the week at various times. Contact one of the people below if you require further information about these rides.

The club also runs several Mountain biking events each year including the Elev8XCM endurance race, a cross country race, a down hill event in the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike park as well as several social events each year

Club Meetings and Executive

TCS meetings are held on the third Thursday night of each month, 7pm at the club house, Room 22, Old Atherton State School, Atherton. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We value your input.

  • President: Peter Marnock – 0429 911 115
  • Secretary: Jeff Green – 0418 692 883
  • Treasurer: Linda Brosnan – 0417 114 004