• AFMBP open for business!

    Trail inspections have been completed and the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park has been tentatively opened for business. For the most part the park has sustained little damage and Tableland Cycle Sports thank all who heeded the closed signs.

    There are still some sections that have not dried completely, at the berm creek entry towards the end of 40 stiches and one regular patch on the run down into the gully after barky’s Rider’s are asked to exercise care and are asked to “Ride Soft” as much as possible in these spots.

    The Hack (trail 8) remains closed until further advised.

    I would also advise riders that should the weather deteriorate further and the rain events become heavier, or unacceptable damage that could easily be avoided occurs in soft areas, the park WILL be closed again without notice.

    Please use discretion, look after and ride the park with care.

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