• AFMTBP news: Trail 1, Trail 17 [Drop Zone] and trail 16 [Yahoo Wahoo] open for business

    Hi All

    After some delays due to the dry and dusty conditions the new trails 1, 17 [Drop Zone] and Trail 16 [Yahoo Wahoo] are open for business

    With good soil moisture they need wheels over them to bed them in so have a crack

    Trail 1 [yet to be named] starts just south [left] of the new skills park/pump track in the centre of town behind the ANZ bank. A green graded trail it links the skills park with Rifle Range Road allowing a fun ride from the Atherton CBD to the start of the main trail head.

    Drop Zone descends from half way up Stairway to Heaven down to the roundabout intersections with trails 7 [Bandy Bandy] 10 [Cliff hanger] and 6 [Ridgy Didge] . It is blue graded with some serious air possible, tricky off camber sections and a rock garden or two so make sure you are confident on your bike before hitting it up.

    Yahoo Wahoo starts at the very top of the valley at the 3 ways road intersection, descends down the valley, crosses the road to start again at the bottom of Trail 9 [Ricochet] turning in to Ewe Beauty as it does

    Again it is a blue graded descent and the longest in the park at around 8 minutes at race pace. With berms, drops, jumps and awesome flow it can be taken as fast or relaxed as you like.

    Please note that all of these trails are yet to be marked on the official maps. This will be done in the next few weeks

    Drop Zone JumpLocal Behailu Green hitting up the Big 5 metre gap jump on Drop Zone

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