Trail 16 Update: “WOW”  Bring your climbing legs. what a cracker of an addition.   Trail 16 starts at the top of Trail 5 (RockyPython), and makes its way up and joins onto The last section of Stairway to Heaven [Trail 12] through to the Threeways intersection at the top of Ricochet [Trail 9].  The view straight through the centre of the valley to town is amazing.  Finish off with a blast down the new EXcITE trail at the bottom of Ricochet and bypass the dragstrip completely to exit just near the informal trailhead.

    Queensland Parks are currently finalising trail markers and temp trail map  signage to help you find your way..  Parks will be working in the area during the day until this time so stop and say Hello.  Please consider the freshness of these trails and try to avoid causing damage until the trails “bed in”.

    Once again World Trail have done a brilliant job

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