• CLUB MEETING 1st October – Vacant secretary role

    The President of Tableland Cycle Sports acknowledges the resignation of Tableland Cycle Sports Club Secretary, effective immediately.
    Effective immediately the position Club Secretary is declared vacant.
    Please draw attention to the following clauses in the club Constitution.
    Section 13: Membership of Management Committee.
    Subsection (1) The Management committee of the association consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and any other members the association members elect or appoint at a general meeting.
    Subsection (2) A member of the management committee, Other than the Secretary, must be a member of the association.
    Section 12: Club Secretary:
    Sub Section (2). If a vacancy happens on the office of Secretary, the members of the Management Committee must ensure a Secretary is appointed or elected for the association within 1 month after the vacancy happens.
    Sub Section (4). The Management committee may appoint and remove the association’s secretary at any time.
    Section 15: Resignation or removal from office of management committee member
    Sub Section (1). A management committee member may resign from the committee by given written notice of resignation to the club secretary.
    ( Please be advised that in this instance, written notice has been given to the Club President )
    Tableland Cycle Sports wishes to advise members that a monthly general meeting scheduled for the 1st October 2015
    Please draw attention to the above clause. (12)(4) : The Management committee may appoint and remove the association’s secretary at any time.
    Expressions of interest are called for the position of Club Secretary now declared vacant and members wishing to nominate are encouraged to attend the meeting.
    The Management committee will at the general meeting dated 1st October 2015 elect a suitable replacement.

    The meeting will be held at the TCS club rooms, Rm 21, Old Atherton State School, Mabel street, Atherton at 7.00 PM.
    All financial club members are invited to attend

    Thank You.
    Mark Knowles.

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