• Concept Plan Discussion Meeting Outcomes

    Very pleasing to see over 20 people turn up this afternoon [Sunday 25th May] and listen to QPWS outline the Concept Plan additions to our already fantastic network of trails.
    A special thanks goes to Michael Overland, Head ranger of QPWS in this region who took time out of his Sunday to talk to us, data projector, screen and all!
    The current round of funding is likely to be the final money available for the foreseeable future so the proposed park works have been ranked in an order of importance with the remedial works and realigning of some problem areas first off the rank and to be started within the next 2 weeks.  Some of these areas could include the realignment of a problem area locally known as “40 stitches”. As certain sections of this trail are not considered Green by IMBA standard, such as the steep, rocky slope entrance to the two bridges. Ideas from the floor were taken on board to perhaps create a Green B line alternative and retain the A line steep slope. Other ideas presented were for possible dual direction of some sections of green trail known as trail 3 on the southern side of the fire road to enhance the green trail experience.  It should be noted that the mountain bike park was designed specifically as uni directional (currently anti clockwise) and unless a new trail has been specifically constructed or re-aligned to compliment the flow of the existing network by going in a clockwise direction, the current single direction will remain and will not be changed.
    Other proposals include a couple of relatively short links from various trails making stringing together loops more effective.
    High on the to do list will be another trail to compliment the current “9 Link” [Beady Eye] so riders can access Waterfalls (trail 11) without riding the current link the wrong way. This new trail would be on the high side of Beady eye and be blue graded with black alternatives.
    A possible BLACK link leaving Stairway to heaven back to Waterfalls for those that have no fear was also high on the wish list.
    Other new trails on the list were a link from the top of “Rocky Python” to the new “Stairway to heaven” .
    A new trail 20 from 3 ways off the ridge opposite “Ricochet” to also link in with “Rocky Python”. This would be blue with many black alternatives taking advantage of the extensive granite bedrock in the area.
    New trail 19 , running to the south of “Ricochet” close to the steep side of the valley. This would terminate at the shuttle car park but be longer than “Ricochet” with black features but be less “intense” than “Ricochet” making for a slightly more relaxed descent down from 3 ways avoiding the road.
    A new exit “highway” has been proposed that leaves from the shuttle car park, runs almost straight to the main trailhead car park to the southern side of green trail 3 [Deanos’ drag strip]. This would allow riders to get back to the car park quickly and safely avoiding the road but still having fun on the proposed fast gently sloping descent.
    At the conclusion of the meeting, Tableland Cycle Sports tabled ideas that were presented in email form, from riders that could not attend. We will correlate those and other suggestions and present them in an official capacity to Tablelands Outdoor Recreation Alliance (TORA). The bottom line is we will see how much bang for our buck we get and how much trail can be built. As it stands there will more than likely be more trail envisioned than we have the capacity to pay for.
    Through our membership with TORA, and in conjunction with Tablelands Futures Corporation and the Tablelands integrated Mountain Bike Alliance (TiMBa) Tableland Cycle Sports have a vision and a plan to make Tropical North Queensland the premier mountain bike destination in  Australia and an internationally    recognised world class facility.  We encourage you to become a member so we can maintain and drive this exciting initiative in our  region.
    If you see the World Trail boys out and about over the next few months make sure you say “Hi” and make them feel welcome.

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