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    What can we say about ELEV8XCM2015? Our completely revamped format has now set the bar. Dusty Bikes,Tired body’s, Happy faces, and yet another happy podium finish by Jeff Rubach.  Enjoy your prize money mate, riding somewhere around the 150Km mark in 8hrs means it was well and truly earned !

    Tableland Cycle Sports would like to formally thank the following: Northern Bikes,  Beds”R”Us, Crowe Horwath, Reef Ortho, Atherton Discount Drug Store, PUSHE Bikes and Beans, Atherton Tableland Tilt Truck Hire, P & E Glass Atherton, Big 4 Atherton Woodlands Tourist Park, Barkworth Plumbing, Edge Cycles, Cairns Bicycle Centre, Discovery Cycles, Max Slade designs, The Atherton Gun Club and the Atherton Rifle Club, Q.I.T.E Atherton and The Barron Valley Hotel Atherton.

    Thanks to the Track Marshals who spent their Sunday parked beside the trails, Thanks to everyone who manned the kitchen and kept the masses well fed, Thanks to the parking marshals who helped maintain order with hundreds of cars. The event village and revamped race line was an amazing success and yes we deliberately bottleneck’d everyone at the trees on the race start.  Thanks to the spotters and the team in the timing tents for a huge effort in keeping track of nearly 300 riders. Thanks to Steve with a sterling effort commentating during the day.

    But the biggest thanks of go to everyone who turned up. Without the support of you the riders it would never be the event you all expect it to be.

    Its not just about ELEV8XCM.

    Its about the little kids riding around on balance bikes. Its about grown ups riding around on the latest carbon fibre weapons. Its about the family’s spending the day together doing something they all enjoy. Its about friends riding with friends and catching up with those you dont see all that often. Its about making new friends.  Its about the crashes, gravel rash and cramps.  Its about trying to beat Jeff Bloody Rubach  .

    Our team worked exceptionally hard this year to bring you the event in a new format.

    If you have ordered an ELEV8 shirt please don’t despair.  As soon as they arrive we will contact you and express post them out. Unfortunately, what our suppliers said they would do and what they did are polar opposites.

    We are really trying to make Elev8XCM an event that you will come back to and look forward to every year, and for that we need your input!! please go to this link, fill out the survey &  pass the link on to all who attended.


    You can also post your comments on here https://www.facebook.com/AthertonForestMountainBikePark and tell us what you thought of this years event.

    On behalf of Tableland Cycle Sports,Thank You for participating in ELEV8 XCM 2015. We have already begun to put ideas into place for next year.  Bring on ELEV8 2016

    Now the results!
    ELEV8XCM2015 Podium Places

    ELEV8XCM2015 Overall Results

    ELEV8XCM2015 Overall Results by Lap

    ELEV8XCM2015 Overall Results by Category

    ELEV8XCM2015 Fastest Male Laps

    ELEV8XCM2015 Fastest Female Laps

    See you all in 2016

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