Know it is last minute, but Russ Baker (pres of MTBA & designer of our timing gear) has given 11th hour notice of a visit he is  doing to Cairns.  He has offered to do a training session on our timing  gear. If you or if someone you know would like to attend to help out at the  club’s events, please come along or let them know the details.
    Details of the training session is as  follows:
            Purpose:      To train people in the use  of the club timing software.

            Aimed  at:    People who are interested in assisting/running the timing  equipment for club events.

             When:         Wednesday, 25 June  2014

             Where:        Atherton State School PORTAL  meeting room (ie the new library near Whiting St carpark)

             Time:          3:30 pm to 9:00pm  (half hour for dinner  break)

             Cost:           Nil

            Presenter:    Russ Baker, President of MTBA and designer of the timing  software

    RSVP to  me by 12 o’clock Wednesday, 25  June

        E: info@tablelandcyclesports.com or  bronmeg@hotmail.com

        P:  0407745387

     Cheers, all. 


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