• Full moon night ride this Sunday night 13th July

    The weather is looking awesome, the tracks are looking great and there is a full moon

    Join some of the club members for a full moon ride in the park this Sunday evening from 6.00pm at the trail head

    You will need to bring:

    – Lights, if it is clear there will be a good bright moon but you will still need some of your own candle power

    – The usual spares, water, snack etc

    We will probably to a lap up Ridgey Didge, Stairway to Heaven and down Ricochet at a SOCIAL pace with plenty of stops to look at the view.

    Expect to be back at the car by 8.30 or there abouts

    Give Peter M 0429 911 115 or Jeff G 0418 692 883 a call for more info


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