Bridges 2011Bridges

Mick Ross from “Flow mountain bike” chasing a local November 2013Flow Mick Ross

Traffic at the hub April 2014Traffic at the hub April 2014

Peter M, charging the rock slab on trail 6 “Ridgey Didge”Pete RD1

The rock sofa on Trail 7 link “Beady eye”

Beady eye bench seat 1

Snake speed bump on Bandy Bandy Snake speed hump on Bandy Bandy


The trail head, Herberton Range Road, April 2014Trail head April 2014Air time on Ricochet [Track 9]B jump2Media famil October 2013 at “Leasies look out” with Mike Blewitt [AMB] Mick Ross and Chris Southward [Flow mountain bike] Phill Gomes [SBS cycling central] Brett Kennedy [Spoke] Leasie, Mark, Jeff, Behailu, Peter etc from TCSMedia famil Oct 2014

The new Vernon Street Trail head shelter

Trailhead 2 resized

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