• Marathon Results 2014

    The official results from the day. The riders finished muddy, wet and as reported by some towards the end of the last lap “cold”. The last lap saw Jason in front leaving transitions and Cory right behind as he entered. He was that close he could have hit him with a water bottle but just didn’t have the legs to real him in. Top lap times with the fellas still managing low as 1hr15min for 22k in the wet and mud, to finish under the 4 hr mark for 66k. Jenny produced an excellent 3 lap (66k) ride for the elite woman’s in the wet and exceedingly slippery loop.
    Kudos go to all the competitors who gave it a red-hot crack. The course still managed to claim many. Both the podium finishers gave the thumbs up to the network and thought the trail held up well despite the wet. On behalf of Tableland Cycle Sports.

    Thank you to The Atherton Gun Club for letting 140 riders turn their green lawn into mush. A huge thank you goes to all the volunteers that held up their hand. Thank you to all the course marshals and Queensland Ambulance Service, hunkered down in the cold and wet to ensure riders were safe. Thank you to the contingent of backpackers who offered their time to help cook for and feed wet hungry riders and to take on marshal duty’s. Most of all thank you to all who competed in the event despite having The World Cup round at Smithy bashing on our back door.

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