• TCS receives new safety equipment!

    Tableland Cycle Sports are pleased to announce that thanks to a successful funding submission to The Department of Sport and Recreation that focused on safety and equipment, we have been able to strengthen our ability to supply an enhanced level of care to our events and assist the community in general.
    This latest funding by Dept of Sport and Rec, has allowed Tableland Cycle Sports to place 12 participants through a Scenario based Senior First aid course which was recently held over 2 days and has also allowed us to purchase some vital safety equipment.
    Thanks to the funding, the club has been able to purchase a Portable Defibrillator, along with a Personal Emergency Locator Beacon. The other most vital piece of equipment has been the purchase of “The Mule 2” by Traverse Emergency equipment..
    “The Mule 2” pictured here being tested by Q.F.R.S Emergency Services Atherton is an all terrain frame that accommodates an emergency basket or backboard.
    With a rated bearing load of 227kg this will be of incredible assistance to the transport of an injured person.
    As tested this morning, this makes the transport of a patient quick and efficient and also relieves the heavy burden strain on the rescuers. particularly within the Mountain Bike Park or Mt Baldy Walking trails, where vehicle access is difficult and limited, In the scenario, just 2 rescuers were able to quickly and safely transport a volunteer around and over obstacles which previously would have required at a min, 4 rescuers to carry the basket.
    This is a win win for all involved and will also assist rescuers minimizing sustaining injury themselves by possibly tripping or falling while negotiating difficult terrain with a heavy load.
    When responding with the Mule, rescuers also now have the ability to transport vital medical equipment to an injured person as well.
    Tableland Cycle Sports will make this equipment conditionally available to other Clubs and Organizations holding events that could require transport of a patient over distance or in difficult circumstances and “The Mule” will be available for use if required, by Q.A.S and also S.E.S
    Needless to say but QFRS are stoked !

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