Oliver Phillips 2016
Oliver is one of the Tablelands rising stars and a product of Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park.
His achievement at winning outright the 2016 70km Triple R classic MTB race from Mt Malloy to Port Dougles has certainly shone a spotlight on Oliver so we here at TCS thought it only fitting the he is our “Star Rider”
Tell us a little about yourself
Hi I’m Oliver Phillips, I am an 18 year old who loves to ride bikes, including cross country racing, road racing and BMX. I live out at Tinaroo with my mum, dad, sister and brother. I finished high school last year and now I’m currently having a gap year with plans to go to Uni next year to study civil engineering. I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember.
How did you get into riding?
I used to love riding my bike around the yard when I was younger, so my brother and I decided to start BMX racing. From that it just grew, I got into mountain biking for training for BMX. I loved the MTBing so I started to get into cross country racing.
What sort of bike/s do you ride?
I currently ride for Pump ‘n’ Pedals in cairns, so I ride/race Specialized bikes. I race cross country so the best weapon for that is my Specialized S-Works Epic! For my road racing I use my Specialized Venge which is a great fast bike for racing!
What are the best things you like about riding?
Hanging out with mates is always fun when you’re riding. Going on long rides through the trails is really fun. Travelling to different events, riding different tracks is really good experience and I love it.
What has been your riding experience events & place in events?
I have been racing for a few years now and have competed in multiple events. Some of these events have included national, state and local levels, which have been XC, MTB marathon, team events and road racing. At local level in XC rounds I have gotten a few podium finishes and last year taking 2nd overall in elite XC series. This year I competed in 4 national XC rounds which were in Pemeberton, Thredbo and Toowoomba. I also raced in the national championships in Bright. Traveling to these events was great experience. My most recent event which I am really stoked about was the RRR, which I managed to take the overall win in the 70km.
What have been the highlights of your riding experience?
Getting to travel around Australia to compete in national events was great! Taking home the win in the RRR has been a big highlight of mine. Having the opportunity to be a rider marshal in the 2016 cairns world cup, so I got to ride around on the course in practice with some of the Pros was really cool.
What is on the agenda for 2016/2017?
Try race in as many local events as possible. Just try keep up with all the training and maybe attend some of the national rounds at the end of the year and beginning of 2017. Hopefully I can compete in the State champs this year in Mackay.
What do you want to achieve in the future?
Hopefully to compete in the world cup one day. Travel as much as I can with my bike.
Anything to finish up?
Just a big thanks to all the support from everyone, Including Brad and the team down at Pump N Pedals, Spent clothing, everyone who cheers me on and of course mum and dad!
If you’re looking for a new bike or bike gear, go down to Pump N pedals, they will have everything you need. Looking for clothes off the bike?? Head online and check out Spent clothing huge range of gear.
Big thanks to tableland Cycle Sports for all your efforts because without you guys we wouldn’t have events to race or trails to ride on!!!!
Thanks guys!
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