• What’s coming next in the final build stage at AFMTBP?

    As a lot of you are aware a public meeting was held in the TCS club rooms last Sunday the 25th May to discuss the upcoming next build stage at AFMTBP.

    Michael Overland, the Senior Ranger with QPWS in charge of the park was good enough to come along and explain the proposed next build stage and take suggestions based on the revised concept plan from the 20 plus users of the park who attended.

    Michael had a meeting with World Trail on Thursday 29th May to go over the future direction etc.

    He has kindly given TCS permission to publish the following email received by TCS from Michael on Thursday 29th May detailing the final build phase

    Please find the current AFMTBP park map here for reference http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/herberton-range/pdf/mountain-bike-map.pdf :

    QPWS staff met with Glenn, Nick and Evan from World Trail today (Thursday 29th June).

    The purpose of the meeting was to provide direction around priorities and cover pre start matters. QPWS summarised stakeholder aspirations for the final build phase. 

    Works have now commenced and initial tasks will include :-

    • Redesign and upgrade the trail layout at 40 stitches. The objective here is to provide a good green line and remedy one very wet section. It may result in a blue option being retained, or a green line right through. Watch this space. More detailed design occurring now.
    • Whilst these trail 4 works are occurring, QPWS will be working closely with World Trail to finalise the modifications to the final sections of Trail 2 to get minor sections out of the range danger area.
    • QPWS will ground truth for construction feasibility the proposed new sections of green trail along Sylvia Creek, or alternatively finding other locations for new green trail.
    • Construction alignments for the “quick exit” from Richochet/20/4 to the trailhead will be next, then immediately thereafter, construction of this exit.
    • Construction alignments for Trail 10 will be finalised, incorporating the short loop back to roundabout and long loop over to 11, with a site located for the incoming riders from the exit or “bail out” option from Trail 12. This then will give the link from the roundabout to trail 11 (for riding in the opposite direction to trail 9 link).
    • Thereafter, works should proceed in the following order (subject to whatever construction issues arise) –

    –       Trail 16 from trail 5 to link with trail 12 {stairway to Heaven];

    –       Trail 16 from Three Ways to trail 5 [Rocky Python];

    –       Trail 20 (the big one down the hill inside Ricochet);

    –       Link from trail 12 back to the roundabout – blue with black diamond options;

    –       Trail 14 – inner loop on trail 6;

    –       Trail 15 – possibly a black diamond feature – small loop from roundabout; and

    –       Review funding available and reprioritise subject to further feedback if necessary

    Michael Overland

    Senior Ranger/Tablelands


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